How To Get Your Name Off A Car Loan After Divorce

How To Get Your Name Off A Car Loan After Divorce

Obtaining your car title after loan payoff. tara Mello @shedrives . July 24, 2009 in Auto Loans. Dear Driving for Dollars, I have paid off the lien-holder bank on my car loan, and it is going to.

How To Remove Your Ex Spouse's Name Off Your Car Loan Refinancing. With a refinance, your bank actually pays off the old loan by issuing you a new loan; thereby, eliminating your ex-spouse’s liability on the original loan and replacing it with a loan in your name only. Similarly, you may obtain another loan using other collateral and use the money from that loan to pay off the vehicle loan.

Somehow after a divorce is over, those joint debts just don’t get paid, the ex-spouse cannot refinance the house or car, etc., and the other party’s credit rating, credit limit, ability to buy a new vehicle, etc. go to a highly heated place in a hand basket. You cannot remove your name from the car loan without the lender’s consent.

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But if your auto loan outlives the life span of your relationship, there is an easy solution that doesn’t require a lawyer – or therapist. Refinancing your auto loan is the simplest way to remove that ‘we-shall-not-name’ person from your car loan, as well as set you up with a lower interest rate.

I received the following email from a Minter regarding how he should handle an upcoming divorce. or the car to a 3 rd party. If you’re lucky you could sell it and use the proceeds to fully pay off.

Or, call the lender and ask if something like this applies to your loan. Refinance or consolidate. Another option is to have the other borrower refinance the loan into their name. To qualify for a refinance, the borrower needs to have a good credit history and enough income to make the new loan’s monthly payments.

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How Long to Get a Title After Paying Off Car Loan? by Scott Krohn . If you borrowed money to purchase your car, the lender will be listed as a lienholder and retain the title. Paying the loan in full allows you to remove the lienholder, but the amount of time it takes to receive the clean title.

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